June 25, 2021
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Is It Compulsory to File a Police Report After an Accident?

  • by Marston Pickworth
  • 1 month ago
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An accident can create a great deal of confusion in your mind and that of your loved ones. It is very important to stay calm and handle the situation with care. Having expert lawyers by your side will give you the assurance and confidence that you seek. However, the first priority is to get medical help after an accident.

There may be many questions doing rounds in your mind. Do you need a police report to file an insurance claim? It may be one of the things that you are wondering about. Technically, you do not require a police report to file an insurance claim. But lawyers advise you to make sure that you notify the police about the accident.

Often it is seen that if you avoid informing the police, then it can result in further complications. It may even cause penalization and cancellation of the driving license. After an accident, you will worry a lot, so you do not have any added confusion.

Moreover, you need to be extra careful while handling the case with your insurance providers. Always remember to take legal advice while dealing with them. If you submit a claim without the report, they may question you unnecessarily. It may result in delay and chaos, and you may need to meet them frequently.

Do You Know What Is in A Police Report?

To understand why you must file a report, you need to understand what is in it that makes it so important. Firstly, it is a piece of fundamental and vital evidence. It makes the entire process legal and thereby, making it easier for you and your lawyer.

It will contain your name, location and the site of the accident. It will also include the details of the vehicles involved and the damages to the cars. It will contain a preliminary analysis of the weather conditions, road condition, and also an analysis of your physical damage.

If you are wondering about an urgent situation, then you do not need to worry. In case there is a medical emergency, and you need to reach the hospital, then you may postpone filing it. You can always get back to it after you are feeling better.

Should You Avoid Filing It?

You need to understand that one of the main reasons for shying away from a police report is fear. You may worry that authorities might use the statement against you. But it is not a verdict, and it is simply your experience of the situation.

A lawyer will take up your case and frame it on the basis of investigation and evidence. They will benefit from the report and help you to file your claims and get the compensation that you deserve.

To Sum It Up

Therefore, never shy away from reporting to the police. The police and the lawyers are for your help, so you take their support for confidence and reassurance. It will help you to face your difficulties easily and get the compensation that you deserve.

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