February 5, 2018

Finding a Trusted Personal Injury Specialist

  • by Marston Pickworth
  • 3 Years ago
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Finding a trusted Personal Injury Specialist can be a headache for anyone. You get mass amounts of advertisements, e-mails, cold calls, and even stands in the street offering this service.

The first thing you can do is to ignore the majority of it. You’ll need to do some research, read reviews, contact agencies. You have to put in some of the work if you want to find someone you can trust to help and represent you.

Before you get started, let’s define what a personal injury claim is.

A personal injury claim is a legal process used to recover financial compensation for anyone who has suffered a personal injury that wasn’t their fault. A personal injury counts as any physical or psychological injury or illness. The term “personal injury” covers a broad range of injuries and accidents, and can include diseases and deaths. There are several types of personal injury claims, including injuries that you may suffer from traffic accidents, accidents at work, accidents in public places, slips, trips, and falls, defective products, assaults, and medical negligence. These are only a few, basic types that can represent what a “personal injury” is.

Within these categories, injuries can range from something as benign as injury from a slip or trip, or something as serious and life-changing as limb loss, brain damage, and spinal injuries. It can also include severe and threatening illnesses – the common flu doesn’t count.

Negligence also doesn’t count. Personal injury claims can only be made when someone causes an injury or illness else. The injured party in question is legally at fault if their injury or illness is a result of their own negligence, or breach of statutory duty.

A Personal Injury Specialist is someone who you can contact once you’ve experience an illness or injury related to a situation that you’re not at fault for, who will look over your case, and advise you of further actions to take.

Personal Injury Specialists are dedicated to your cause. They are trained to give the best advice in any given situation, and they are always on your side – they don’t act on behalf of insurance companies, or in defence of claims, they are someone for you to talk to about what happened, and what happens next. They are a supportive force, that will be with you through your recovery, to ensure you make it out the other side as healthy and happy as you can be.

Finding one can be difficult, especially when there’s so much propaganda for the service. There are several associations related to personal injury services, and these should be where you start looking. Read cases, personal experiences, and real stories from other service users, and then follow those up. Don’t be afraid to contact agencies and start talking to people, either.

JWK Solicitors deal with all types of personal injury claims, and their website is full of easy-to-find and useful information. They are a combination of two enthusiastic teams with several decades of legal experience.

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