September 30, 2018
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  • Going Through a Divorce or Separation? Essential Aspects to Consider

Going Through a Divorce or Separation? Essential Aspects to Consider

  • by Marston Pickworth
  • 3 Years ago
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A divorce or separation is never an easy thing to navigate, what with the many factors that affect both parties, and it can also prove to be an emotionally charged affair, especially if there are kids involved. While both parties might wish to move onto the next chapter of their lives, there are legal issues to be resolved, such as the division of the marital assets, and then there’s the custody of the children to consider.

Seek Out Legal Advice

Whatever the circumstances of the separation, it is essential that you seek out the help of an experienced divorce lawyer – something your partner will also be doing – as this maximises your chances of leaving the marriage with a favourable outcome. When looking for divorce lawyers in Sydney, an online search is the best way to locate a local law firm that specialises in divorce cases. This is a time for a clear head and if you are still in emotional shock, your lawyer will ensure that your best interests are represented.

The Marital Assets

The marital assets will be divided according the local law, and in the event both parties are in agreement, this is quite straightforward, yet should one person feel they are losing out, the final decision may rest with the court. Your lawyer would do what they can to ensure a satisfactory outcome for you, which might involve some negotiation with their counterpart. Very often, an amicable agreement is reached out of court, which is best for both parties as it avoids expensive court time.

The Welfare and Future of the Children

Almost one third of Australian marriages end in divorce and when there are children involved, the focus should always be on their best interests. The children’s future is often something that both parents have differing opinions over, and in such a case, your lawyer would argue your case and hopefully reach a satisfactory outcome. Regarding the emotional impact on the children, this very much depends on how both parents conduct themselves in the presence of the kids, so it is important for you to sit down with your partner and discuss the finer points of how the separation will impact the children.

Setting Up a Trust

This is a good way to ensure that your children are well looked after, regardless of what might happen, and your lawyer would be able to advise you about this. Of course, every situation is unique and by talking to your lawyer, you will be aware of all your options regarding your children’s future and well-being. The divorce courts will always have the children’s interest at the forefront of any decision regarding the divorce and with your lawyer fully aware of your goals, he or she help you to protect your children’s future.

It is important to remain calm and collected at this most difficult of times and you should not spend too much time alone, as this gives an idle mind the opportunity to explore negative avenues. Focus on the future and maintain contact with good friends, who will be able to offer you emotional support.

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